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Client inspired, design focused. 

DPA | Dwight Patterson Architects is an award-wining architectural design firm that values relationships and where design comes first. We're committed to the best creative solutions that inspire a greater sense of satisfaction for you, the client. 


We are Architects experienced in the design of commercial and worship architecture. However, we specialize in residential designs providing solutions that we believe improves lives and lift their spirits. Good Architecture has that power, whether in a mighty new project or a simple renovation of an existing building.

  • Are you looking for an Advocate that supports and defends your project goals?

  • Are you looking for an Architect who deliver consistently when it counts?

  • Are you looking for design that can enhances your daily life?



If yes, join us! 


Together we'll explore the best solution for your project.

We have a passion for projects of all sizes.

We have contributed to solving Client design challenges for more than 20 years.  Believing that design is a conversation between Client & Architect, DPA explores and creates solutions that are collaborative with the Client and specific to the Client.  We offer Contemporary Modern design solutions with no project being too small or too complex. 


DPA creates architecture balanced with its natural environment.  Along with being aesthetically appropriate to the site, neighborhood or community, our goal is to complete projects that are energy conscious, add value and inspire a greater sense of who the Client is. 


Knowing that well designed architecture is an investment, we provide a multi-layered process including quality control.  Our goals include: Quality functional design, interesting aesthetic design, quality construction, added value realized and our clients’ satisfaction. 


We know that every successful project begins with the right questions and a conversation. If you’d like to discuss your ideas and project goals, we are here to listen. 

If you're uncertain how to start the conversation, our Client questionnaire is a helpful way to identify the important questions.

What our clients' are saying...

"DPA designed us a beautiful home in South Texas. Dwight and his team are personable and talented architects with unique design skills. I’d highly recommend DPA!"


Kennith Kenebrew

“I would highly recommend DPA to anyone. They were creative, responsive, timely, and thorough.”
Mike Fitzsimons
“Their unique skills are in being responsive to ownership requests, while still bringing smart, beautiful design to the projects. I'd highly recommend DPA.”
Newport Center Fitness

Have a building project but don't know where to start?

The Needs and Options Review is a low-commitment opportunity to begin the journey on your alteration or new build project at an early stage of development. It will answer the big picture questions about costs, the design and building process and give a fresh perspective to your project with a ‘road map’ of what you need to do next.

The first part comprises of a meeting with you at your site to explore your ideas and suggest potential options, and offers valuable expert advice at the front end of your project. The second part of the ‘Needs and Options Review’ will guide and up-skill you with practical information on what to expect during your project, the likely costs, and explain the process.