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We explore and create solutions that are specific and collaborative.

For more than 20 years DPA has contributed to solving Client's design challenges. 

As we explore Client needs & dreams, a Conversation begins and a Program emerges. It progresses to the Design Team and Builder, each of whom plays an integral role in a project that reflects the realization of the Program. The Conversation is continually insightful & meaningful as possibilities are explored toward reaching goal oriented solutions sensitive to the Client's budget & programed goals. The end result is a completed project that uniquely reflects a collaboration of Client, Architect and Builder; which will significantly speak to who the Client is.

Our focus is to create architecture balanced with its natural environment. Along with being aesthetically appropriate to the site, neighborhood and community, our goal is to complete projects that are energy conscious, add value and inspire a greater sense of satisfaction for the Client.

As a collaborative team we offer contemporary Modern design solutions in the areas of residential, religious and commercial architecture. Providing services from Pre-design to Construction Administration, no project is to small or to complex.

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